INSTN supporting development of human capital for the JHR

INSTN supporting development of human capital for the JHR

INSTN designs the training guidelines for the operators of the Jules Horowitz reactor.

When developing the new-generation experimental nuclear reactor, the Jules Horowitz reactor, the operations department asked INSTN to make the operating guidelines more reliable.

As the commissioning tests begin, it is essential to identify and map the activities, and related competences, and then plan the training accordingly. The future operating department drew on INSTN’s expertise to co-construct these guidelines.

Following the SAT - Systematic Approach to Training - method, INSTN initially validated five activity-competences guidelines established by the JHR department for the operating job profiles (i.e. more than 500 competences!). Subsequently, we delivered the required training guidelines, with competences development pathways and the mapping of targeted training (around a hundred modules were identified).

"We have defined a training plan covering all the strategic competences, with, at the customer's request, optimization of the order, grouping and recycling of training courses," says Bruno Tarride, in charge of this project at INSTN. It remains for the JHR team to get to grips with and deploy the training plan to ensure that operations comply with nuclear safety and security rules.

Xavier Perrette, Vice President – International Relations, is delighted with this collaboration, and adds: "According to needs, INSTN can support companies through all stages of the development of their human capital, from the creation of job roles reference frameworks to the deployment of a training plan and the monitoring of learning outcomes."