Electrical characterization of phase-change memories (PCM)

Main objectives of this postdoc position will be the electrical characterization in view of basic physical modelling of chalcogenide materials and integrated devices for application to sub-45nm embedded Phase-Change Non-Volatile Memories.
Electrical characterization (program dynamics, data-retention at different temperature, cycling, data-retention after cycling, disturb during cell reading and programming of nearby cells...) on test structures will be performed in order to put in evidence the main performances and degradation modes. Electrical characterization on blanket deposition will be operated as well, in order to assess the chalcogenide resistivity, crystallization temperature and thermal conductivity.
The postdoc will be involved in a detailed experimental work, but he will have also to face the theoretical principles governing the functionality of a Phase-Change Memory. In particular, the obtained experimental data will be coupled to a basic physical modeling of the chalcogenide materials integrated in the test structure, considering the electrical & thermal dynamics governing the phase change process of PCRAM devices.