Composition of shape memory alloys (SMA) by combinatorial synthesis and additive manufacturing

As part of the PEPR DIADEM program , the ARTEMIS consortium is focusing on 4D leveraging on accelerated discovery methods and the development of intelligent materials and active structures using 3D printing. The shaping of active materials using additive manufacturing to design intelligent structures capable of changing shape or properties in response to an energy stimulus is a game changer in the field of sensors and actuators. In this context, the MAPP technological platform at CEA Tech Metz is proposing to implement a low-pressure Cold Spray process equipped with multiple powder dispensers. Combinatorial deposition will enable rapid screening of shape memory alloy (SMA) compositions in response to various stimuli. Post-processing optimization should enable the alloy to be converted from the combinatorial deposition state. Comprehensive characterization of the materials is expected at each stage of the process. The collection of a large amount of data (experimental, theoretical or resulting from numerical simulation), together with the implementation of a rigorous methodology, will feed an Artificial Intelligence, ExpressIF®, which will provide an explanatory decision-making aid.