Formalization of the area of responsibility of the actors of the electricity market

The CEA is currently developing a simulation tool which models the energy exchanges between the actors of the electricity market but which models, in addition, the exchanges of information between those actors. The first results of this work show that, for some new energy exchange schemes, ’indirect’ interactions between actors may appear and may cause financial damage (for example, the failure of a source of production of one actor may impact the income of another). Thus, the borders which clearly delimited until now the areas of responsibility of each actors could be brought to blur and their areas of responsibility could "overla". The candidate will be responsible for:
- Formally define the area of responsibility of an actor in the electricity market,
- Model the interactions, including ’indirect’ ones, that may appear between these actors,
- Apply formal proof techniques (such as ’model-checking’) to detect overlaps in areas of responsibility,
- Define the conditions of exchange between the actors which would guarantee the non-recovery of the areas of responsibility.