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Sodium technology and loop operation

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Sodium risks

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In summary

The main objective is to acquire knowledge allowing the various actors to operate  facility, devices or loops containing sodium

Who should take this course ?

Beginner English speaking engineer who is lead to work on the operation of sodium loops or installations.

Learning outcomes

• Announce sodium characteristics

• Define the precautions to be taken when working with sodium as well as the collective and individual means of prevention

• Describe the main functions of a sodium loop

• Describe and use specific sodium instrumentation

• Know the main operation steps for a sodium facility

• Describe the particularities of sodium loop components and list the main commissioning and operating phases of a sodium loop

• Identify the main operating incidents, their consequences and the associated detection and protection systems

• Use sodium loop intervention procedures

• Sodium physical and chemical properties; sodium hazards

• Sodium facilities: functional analysis approach; design rules for main loop and utilities

• Sodium facilities operation

• Sodium Instrumentation

• Sodium facilities: technology

• Rules and guidelines for sodium facilities interventions

• Sodium pollution sources and potential consequences

• Sodium quality control including purification

• Sodium cleaning

• Practical exercises on: start-up operations, filling operations, facilities operations, facilities interventions, sodium fire

• Visits of sodium cleaning facilities and sodium test loops when the facilities are available

No prerequisites required.

Teaching method and tools

On-site visit


École du sodium

Course organiser :

Catherine CATALDI
+33 4 42 25 79 66

Program contact :


training sessions

Group limited to 12 trainees

If you are disabled, please contact the disability correspondent at the following address: instn-handicap@cea.fr

No training session is scheduled for the moment, if this training interests you, please contact us.

From 2024 may 27
To 2024 may 31
École du sodium 3,440.00€ excl. taxes REGISTER

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