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Beryllium Worker training course - mask fitting test

Risk management

Beryllium risks

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In summary

The training is designed for English-speaking employees (Engineer and/or technician) who may be brought to work in contact with Beryllium.

Participants should have already attended the initial course before attending the mask fitting test.


Who should take this course ?

Session tailored for IO Beryllium workers and/or IO sub-contractors who need to use a FFP3 respirator.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the session, trainees should :

  • know how to visually inspect
  • and correctly fit the respirator on their face.

- hands on exercise on how to visually check and correctly fit an FFP3-type respirator

- quantitative fitting test to ensure that the mask has been properly fitted

No pre-requisite

Certificate of mask fitting test

Teaching method and tools


Program manager :

+33 4 42253086

training sessions

No training session is scheduled for the moment, if this training interests you, please contact us.

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