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Dismantling experience in FRANCE

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In summary

Operator in nuclear facilities.

Learn about french decommisioning in order to transpose in another context.

Learn about dismantling strategies and techniques.

Identify decommissioning scenarii and issues.

Who should take this course ?

International stakeholders working in nuclear sciences and industry and wishing to acquire field knowledges in the French decommisioning of nuclear facilities and the dismantling strategies implemented.  

Learning outcomes

The main objective is to acquire the knowledge which integrates capitalisation from dismantling experience of several types of nuclear facilities and :
• togive an overview of dismantling in France,
• to compare several decommissioning scenarii,
• to present the regulatory and safety aspects,
• to identify the issues of decommissioning,
• to have a general background on dismantling techniques and issues.

Technical visits

Experience feedback

Capitalisation from dismantling experience

- General overview on dismantling in France.
- French regulatory and safety aspects in decommissioning.
- Decommissioning scenarii.
- Decommissioning issues.
- Recent technical and technological issues.
- Dismantling techniques.
- Experience feedback.

Trainees are expected to fit at least one of the following criteria:
• a first university degree in engineering or science related to nuclear technology,
• two to three years successful professional experience beyond university in the nuclear field,
• a first or second-level supervisory position, or a working level position with promotion potential.

Teaching method and tools

On-site visit


Program manager :

+33 1 69083092

training sessions

No training session is scheduled for the moment, if this training interests you, please contact us.

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