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Antiferroelectric materials by ALD for MAFM capacitors


The post-doctoral researcher will focus on the investigation of AFE layers based on HfO2 and/or ZrO2 obtained by ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition), which will be able to work as high-k dielectrics for high-density antiferroelectric (AFE) capacitances (>20 J.cm-3). For understanding and optimizing the AFE capacitances, it is mandatory to relate the structural, micro-structural and chemical parameters of the HfO2 and/or ZrO2 oxides as well as of the electrodes layers to the electrical performance according to post-metallization annealing (BEOL compatible temperature <450°C). The main objectives of this 24-month project will be:

(i) Identification and optimization of the ALD process for AF dielectrics (based on Zr, Hf and additional dopants Al, Si for example);

(ii) Tunning of the material structural and functional properties of MAFM (Metal-AF-Metal) stacks using different techniques (e.g.: X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray reflectivity, electronic microscopy, ,…)

(iii) Integration and validation of BEOL-compatible MAFM capabilities on 200 mm test vehicles


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