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Depletion calculation of nuclear reactor fuel using Monte Carlo method: moving towards a reference solution

Computer science and software Corpuscular physics and outer space Engineering sciences Neutronics


Modern computers offer the possibility to use Monte-Carlo codes to get reference solutions to neutron transport problems. Nevertheless, such reference solutions are only accessible in stationary conditions for practical problems.
The proposed research work aims at exploring and testing methods to obtain a reference Monte-Carlo solution for fuel cycle quantities in depletion problems using present-day computing resources. Such a reference, obtained at a reasonable computational cost, would provide a better control over calculation biases and uncertainties in deterministic solutions typically used in the industry.
Studies will be performed using the Monte Carlo code TRIPOLI-4® coupled with the MENDEL deterministic depletion module. The post-doctoral fellow will perform extensive work on neutron leakage consideration in order to ensure criticality of the model, neutron flux and reaction rates normalization, control of the energy deposition in the different model regions, fine descriptions of the irradiation history, cross section stochastic temperature interpolation, as well as the impact of considering only a limited number of isotopes. Comparisons will be made with the results published by other groups using different approaches and Monte-Carlo codes .
The post-doctoral fellow will be positioned in a team of researchers/engineers in nuclear reactor physics. He/she will improve and deepen his/her knowledge of applied Monte-Carlo simulations as well as the code validation process.


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