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Developement of numerical tools for the analysis of multispectral data obtained by DSCT on synchrotron

Computer science and software Engineering sciences Materials and applications


The post-doctoral fellow will be in charge of the development of specific numerical tools for multivariate analysis, to perform the reduction, processing and analysis of massive data acquired by Diffraction/Scattering Computed Tomography (DSCT) on synchrotron beamlines. Two aspects will be treated: the reconstruction of tomographic data, and the development of statistical classification tools for spectral data. The latter will be also applied to the analysis of X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) data. The post-doctoral fellow will work mainly on the MARS beamline at SOLEIL synchrotron, and will benefit from the close collaboration between MARS and CEA/IRESNE/DEC researchers who are experts in multi-scale characterization of materials. At the end of this work, the teams of the CEA and the MARS beamline will thus have new innovative tools for the analysis of massive data, in support of their future DSCT and XAS experiments, in particular for the fine characterization of spent nuclear fuel.


Département d’Etudes des Combustibles
Service d’Analyses, d’Elaboration, d’Expérimentations et d’Examens des Combustibles
Laboratoire de Caractérisation et d‘étude des Propriétés des Combustibles
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