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Implementation and study of compressible multiphase models and numerical schemes

Engineering sciences Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation


The proposed post-doctoral research concerns the safety of new-generation nuclear reactors, with a more general focus on understanding and simulating the consequences of energy transients in the post-accident regime. It consists of implementing and studying models and numerical schemes for compressible multiphase flows of increasing complexity in a C++ code.
The code called SCONE and developed at LMAG should allow the simulation of the interaction between corium (molten reactor core with surrounding structures) and sodium.
The complexity of the phenomena involved imposes strong modeling and resolution constraints. Currently, a compressible model with N phases in pressure equilibrium is operational with a semi-conservative resolution on a staggered grid. This numerical scheme is not completely satisfactory for strong shocks. One solution is to rely on recognized schemes for these cases such as collocated schemes like Godunov type ones. The first step of the post doctorate is to develop this approach for a simple model. Ultimately, the targeted model is a multiphasic model fully out of equilibrium. Depending on the progress of the work, the adaptation of schemes on staggered grids to this model will be possible by taking as reference the results of the previously validated collocated schemes.
Overally this post-doctoral position will allow the study of numerical schemes and multiphase models in a complex N-phase Framework and more generally to develop/consolidate expertise in transient numerical methods for complex systems.


Département de Technologie Nucléaire
Service Mesures et modélisation des Transferts et des Accidents graves
Laboratoire de modélisation des accidents graves
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