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Post-Doc - Research Engineer In-situ characterization coupled with electro-reduction of CO2

Engineering sciences Green and decarbonated energy incl. bioprocesses and waste valorization Materials and applications Technological challenges


This project concerns the Circular Carbon Economy program. It proposes mature solutions for industrial decarbonization based on electrochemical CO2 recovery. The candidate will be in charge of developing an electrolyzer for optimized conversion of CO2 into CO; a key molecule in the synthesis of many carbon-based products; by integrating in-situ characterization resources (UV-Vis, Infra-Red). The development of customized cells coupled with this local characterization, should enable to gain a better understanding of reaction phenomena, determine the diffusion mechanisms of species in the electrolytic medium, and extend the analysis to the entire electrochemical system. Studies and experiments will allow to optimize not only the catalytic system, but also the various cell components (membrane, electrode, Gas Diffusion Layer / Gas Diffusion Electrode, electrolyte, CO2 routing), in order to propose innovative, high-performance electrolyzer designs.


Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)
Service des Technologies Durables pour le Cycle des matières (DRT)
Laboratoire des technologies de valorisation des procédés et des matériaux pour les EnR
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