Deciphering the mutational signatures by genetics, genomics and microfluidics

A 2-year post-doctoral position in genetics, genomics and microfluidics funded by a grant from ITMO Cancer (Aviesan, Inserm) is open in the group of Dr. Julie Soutourina at I2BC, CEA/Saclay (Paris region, France), in close collaboration with Dr. Florent Malloggi (LIONS, CEA/Saclay).
The post-doctoral fellow will participate in the interdisciplinary collaborative project to improve our understanding of the mutational processes at the origin of cancers. We aim in deciphering the impact of transcription and DNA repair combined with mutagen exposure on mutational processes in human cancers using a combination of genetic, genomic, microfluidic and computational approaches. We propose to take advantage of the yeast model to perform large-scale mutational experiments and to identify the most mutagenic combinations of genetic background and mutagen treatment that will be then directly tested in human cells. A novel methodological framework based on microfluidics, allowing to considerably accelerate mutation accumulation experiments in yeast by unprecedented parallelization that we recently developed, will be applied. A computational analysis of these experimental data will help to understand underlying mechanisms of mutational processes.
The successful candidate will have a PhD in molecular biology with solid knowledge in genetics and functional genomics. We are seeking for highly motivated candidates with a strong interest in the field of transcription and DNA repair in eukaryotes together with interdisciplinary approaches based on microfluidics. A previous experience on yeast model and DNA sequencing approaches will be important. Good communication skills in English or French are required.