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2D materials under irradiation for tomorrow's functionalities

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Radiation-matter interactions Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces


In view of the challenges posed by global warming, some fundamental research is focusing on optimizing the properties of materials for gas capture (e.g. CO2), filtration, desalination or the conversion of water to H2 by photocatalysis. Two-dimensional materials (graphene, MoS2, hBN, etc.) nanostructured by ion irradiation have recently shown unique and original properties to improve the efficiency of these processes. The introduction of surface modifications to these materials can be used to tailor their properties to specific requirements. Irradiation by fast heavy ions, such as those produced on the GANIL facility, or by low-energy ions produced on CIMAP's PELIICAEN device, induces surface modifications on the nanometric scale.

In this thesis, we propose to gain a better understanding of the processes involved in ion-beam structuration and the modification of 2D material properties as a function of the influence of different irradiation parameters on the local radiation-induced modifications.


Institut rayonnement et matière de Saclay
Centre de recherche sur les Ions, les Matériaux et la Photonique
Centre de recherche sur les Ions, les Matériaux et la Photonique
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