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Corium aerosol generation and transformation mechanisms

Engineering sciences Materials and applications Thermal energy, combustion, flows


During Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor accident, several hundred tons of corium (the mixture generated by the reactor core melting and its interaction with structural materials) have been formed. Japanese government plans to dismantle with 30 to 40 years Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station, which implies recovering the fuel debris that are there. CEA is part to several projects aiming at mastering the risks due to aerosols generated during fuel debris cutting.

The doctoral work objective is to exploit the large experimental database created thanks to those projects in order to study the generation and transformation mechanisms of these cutting aerosols for both thermal and mechanical cutting. An important source of aerosol seems to be partial evaporation/condensation, close to fractional distillation. A thermodynamic modelling shall be proposed, coupled with some kinetic effects.

After a bibliographic study, a synthesis of the experimental results will be carried out and completed by chemical or crystallographic analyses. The aim will be to propose a modelling of these aerosol generation and transformation mechanisms.

The PhD student will work within an experimental laboratory of about 20 staff at CEA Cadarache site (Southern France).


Département de Technologie Nucléaire
Service Mesures et modélisation des Transferts et des Accidents graves
Laboratoire d’études et d’expérimentation pour les accidents graves
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