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Definition of an asynchronous on-the-fly data compression model on accelerators for HPC

Computer science and software Engineering sciences


This thesis is related to high-performance computing for numerical simulation of complex physical phenomena.
The CEA provides hardware and software resources to achieve the required computing power.
We have witnessed the advent of accelerators, leading to new problems. In particular, memory management becomes critical for achieving exascale performance as the memory ratio per number of computing units is reducing.
This problem affects all areas requiring a large volume of data. Thus, many aspects of this thesis will be general and of global interest.

This thesis will aim to propose an asynchronous model for making data available through compression/decompression techniques. It should be efficient enough to be used "on the fly" (during computations without slowing them down), allowing memory constraints to be relaxed.
Targeted codes are iterative and sequence different phases. Ideally, all computations will be performed on accelerators, leaving CPU resources unoccupied. The proposed model should take advantage of these specificities. The final goal will be to integrate the work into a representative code to evaluate gains in an industrial context.


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