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Development of Smart Beamforming Architectures for 6G Telecommunication Systems


Over the past 20 years, wireless communication systems have continued to evolve and offer new services. Today, the success is such that the frequency bands below 10GHz are saturated and we are now turning to millimeter band frequencies. These frequencies offer the possibility to develop systems with higher data rates. However, they require beamforming to compensate for the high attenuation associated with propagation in this frequency band. Beamforming architectures are often expensive in terms of power consumption and generate losses during the implementation of phase shifters.

It is necessary to develop a new generation of millimeter wave systems that exploit both the frequency and spatial capabilities of multi-antenna systems. This is the goal of this PhD.

Within the framework of the Beyond 5G project, in collaboration with Ericsson, we have proposed alternative architectures, based on the concept of smart beamforming, which reduce the implementation constraints (2 patents have just been filed on the subject). They are based on the principle of digital beamforming.

The work of this thesis will consist in developing new radio frequency receiver and transmitter architectures exploiting the spatial and frequency dimensions of multi-antenna systems, both to improve performance and to drastically reduce power consumption. It will be necessary to exploit the antenna schemes, the radio frequency architecture and the algorithmic processing.


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