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Energy efficiency and link security optimization by joint antenna processing and envelope reduction


The proposed research work is twofold: improving the energy efficiency of 5G/6G millimeter radio access network and securing radio links. Mixed solutions at the frontier between the definition of radio head architecture and signal processing algorithms will be proposed and assessed according to two criteria: the energy efficiency of the proposed solutions and the ability to limit the probability of interception by an eavesdropper. Based on the experience of the host teams and a literature review, the metrics and solutions of the state of the art will be evaluated through a digital model. In a second step, new approaches will be proposed and evaluated. Finally, a prototype will be implemented using existing capabilities in the CEA-Leti laboratory. This subject requires a good knowledge of signal processing for digital communications, notions of RF electronics and a sensitivity to the issue of transmission security.

Tools: Matlab/Python.

Keywords: Signal processing, Multi-antenna techniques, Energy efficiency, Interception threat, Satellite communication security, Radio communication physical layer security, 5G, 6G.


Département Systèmes (LETI)
Service Technologies Sans Fils
Laboratoire Sans fils Haut Débit
Université Grenoble Alpes
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