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Experimental and theoretical study of the warm dense matter induced by pulsed power discharge.


Warm, dense and partially ionized matter is found in many astrophysical objects and is characterized by high energy densities, where the states of matter are located between solid and kinetic plasma states, as well as by important N-body effects. The study of these complex systems represents a real challenge on both experimental and theoretical levels and is of a great importance for studies related to fusion by inertial confinement. CEA DAM Île-de-France has therefore developed numerical and experimental tools to model, produce and probe these very special states of matter. In particular, a high-power pulsed facility has recently been developed in order to induce and probe thermodynamic states ranging from solid to plasma.

In order to improve the understanding of the warm dense matter properties, CEA DAM Île-de-France is offering a three-year PhD thesis position. The aim of this project is to acquire equation of state data for different partially relaxed metallic materials and compare them with computation results that will have to be carried out using various numerical codes developed at CEA DAM Île-de-France.


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