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Experimental study and modelling of high temperature oxidation of Cr coated zirconium alloy substrate

Engineering sciences Materials and applications


This thesis concerns the research and development of materials more resistant in extreme conditions at high temperature. It is more specifically dedicated to the development of a new concept of nuclear fuel cladding : Cr coated Zr-based claddings. The purpose of this work is to adpat the Ekinox-Zr code, initially developped for the description of diffusion phenomena in uncoated Zr claddings, to Cr-coated Zr-based claddings and create a new code : “Ekinox-Zr-Cr”. This work will be divided into two parts : a modelling/simulation one and an experimental one dedicated to the determination of the diffusion coefficients of Cr, Zr and O species inside the different phases of the system. These data constitute essential parameters for the modelisation. High temperature oxidation experiments on Cr-coated claddings will also be used in order to improve our knowledge on the different mechanisms involved and compare them to the results obtained with the Ekinox-Zr-Cr code created during this study.


Département de Recherche sur les Matériaux et la Physico-chimie pour les énergies bas carbone
Service de recherche en Corrosion et Comportement des Matériaux
Laboratoire de Modélisation, Thermodynamique et Thermochimie
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