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Global Stability Analysis for 3D hypersonic flows

Aerodynamics Engineering sciences Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation


This thesis is part of the FREHYA Federating Research Project, jointly run with ONERA. The objectives of this project are to improve the understanding and modeling of the transition and turbulence of cold hypersonic flows through experimental and numerical approaches. The PhD work focuses on the physical understanding of the mechanisms at the origin of the laminar/turbulent transition and unsteadiness encountered during hypersonic flight.

We propose to use recent global linear analysis tools to study flow stability around the CCF12 geometry. Computations of this type have already been carried out as part of an ONERA/CEA post-doc and have demonstrated their relevance. Here, we'll make the flow more complex by adding incidence to CCF12, which will bring to light new modes that have so far been poorly documented because they are too complex. These include crossflow modes, the effect of incidence on mixing layer modes and global bubble modes when the bubble is not axisymmetric.

The thesis work will focus primarily on the execution of stability calculations in an HPC environment, followed by their physical interpretation. It should be noted that, in the context of the FREHYA project, this thesis will be carried out in conjunction with several experimental campaigns, as well as high-fidelity computations of the flow.


Ecole Polytechnique
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