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Grid-Interface Power Converter with MVAC and MVDC

Electromagnetism - Electrical engineering Engineering sciences Smart Energy grids Technological challenges


In this thesis subject, we propose Grid-Interface Power Converter with MVAC and MVDC. GI-PC control strategies to provide system services and facilitate network management and protection will be studied (eg support for the voltage plan, study of resonances, MVRT, etc...). A digital prototype of GI-PC at the MV level will be proposed implementing the control algorithms. The validation of the prototype will include regulation of the MVDC bus according to different scenarios. The GI-PC can contribute for:
• Providing a grid-connected interface for various MVAC systems such as power router
• Providing distribution interface for different levels of DC systems
• Improving power quality of MVAC distribution systems
• Providing a grid-connected interface for high-power DC sources such as electric vehicle charging stations, battery energy storage systems, H2, and PV and wind farms
• Other functionalities: fault support (firewall), imbalance reducing, auto reconfiguration (redundancy), grounding adapting, galvanic isolation …


Département des Technologies Solaires (LITEN)
Service d'Intégration des Réseaux Energétiques
Laboratoire de Pilotage Intélligent des Réseaux Electriques
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