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Imaging with Micromegas detectors with Optical readout

Corpuscular physics and outer space Instrumentation nucléaire et métrologie des rayonnements ionisants Nuclear physics Technological challenges


Recent developments have shown that coupling a Micromegas gaseous detector on a glass substrate with a transparent anode and a CCD camera enable the optical readout of Micromegas detectors with an impressive spatial resolution showing that the glass Micromegas detector is well-suited for imaging. This feasibility test has been effectuated with low-X-ray photons permitting energy resolved imaging. This test opens the way to different applications. Here we will focus, on one hand, on neutron imaging for non-destructive examination of highly gamma-ray emitting objects, such as fresh irradiated nuclear fuel or radioactive waste and on the other hand, we would like to develop a beta imager at the cell level in the field of anticancerous drug studies.
Both applications require gas simulations to optimize light yields, optimization of the camera operation mode and design of the detectors in view of the specific constraints of reactor dismantling and medical applications: spatial resolution and strong gamma suppression for neutron imaging and precise rate and energy spectrum measurements for the beta. The image acquisition will be optimized for each case and dedicated processing algorithms will be developed.


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