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Numerical modeling of strongly radiating plasma in WEST and JT60SA tokamaks

Engineering sciences Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation Theoretical physics


The world's largest tokamak, JT-60SA, was built jointly by Japan and the EU at the Naka site in Japan, with France playing a particularly important role. It was commissioned in 2023 and will start operating in two years' time. In its first phase, it will be equipped with an inertia-cooled divertor, i.e. without actively cooled wall elements. To maximize the duration of the discharge, it will therefore be important to develop operational scenarios that maximize the fraction radiated, particularly at the edge of the plasma, while keeping the plasma core as hot as possible. The aim of this thesis is to prepare such scenarios through appropriate numerical simulations, performed with SOLEDGE-EIRENE, the code dedicated to the study of transport and turbulence in divertor plasma, developed jointly by the IRFM CEA and the M2P2 and PIIM laboratories of Aix-Marseille University. The thesis work involves extending SOLEDGE's computational domain by implementing a module describing transport in the tokamak's core region, and coupling it with the currently modeled edge region. This extension is essential to take into account self-consistently core-edge plasma interplay, and correctly predict the behavior of a plasma discharge. To validate the numerical results and prepare for the second phase of JT60SA operation, dedicated experiments on WEST will be proposed, carried out and compared with SOLEDGE-EIRENE predictions.


Institut de recherche sur la fusion par confinement magnétique
Service Chauffage et Confinement du Plasma
Transport Turbulence et MagnétohydroDynamique
Aix-Marseille Université
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