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RF device based on change phase 2D materials

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Engineering sciences Materials and applications Solid state physics, surfaces and interfaces


In the race for miniaturization and in a context of energy sobriety, 2D materials have extremely interesting properties. Indeed, their planar dimension allows to reduce the deveice size and makes them less energy consuming. They are considered by the microelectronics industry as a major development axis for the components of the future.

The host laboratory, LETI/DCOS/SITEC/LIFT is specialized in thin film transfer. Indeed, the fabrication of 2D materials is done at very high temperature (~1000°C), so they cannot be directly integrated into devices, they must be transferred. This delicate step must be perfectly mastered to preserve the properties of the material.

The subject proposed here focuses on RF applications. The candidate will participate in the growth of a 2D phase change material such as VS2, VSe, and will then carry out the transfer and integration of this material into RF devices including devices on cavities. This work is very experimental (growth, characterization, transfer, integration...). It will allow to study the switching mechanism of the material from one phase to another and to evaluate its performances as a material for RF applications. The development of cavity transfer also opens the way to many other applications as well as to more fundamental studies.


Département Composants Silicium (LETI)
Service Intégrations et Technologies pour les conversions d'énergies
Laboratoire Intégration et Transfert de Film
Université Grenoble Alpes
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