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Structural evolution under electron irradiation of lamellar hydroxydes and hydrates

Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences Ultra-divided matter, Physical sciences for materials


The societal context of the study is the optimization of cementitious matrices for nuclear waste conditioning. These cementitious matrices are composed of hydrated minerals, some of which are lamellar (portlandite Ca(OH)2, brucite Mg(OH)2, brushite CaHPO4.2H2O, gibbsite Al(OH)3...). Very few data exist in the literature on the structural damage of these hydrated lamellar minerals under electron irradiation. The aim of the proposed thesis is to experimentally investigate irradiation-induced structural modifications in various types of compounds, with a view to gaining a better understanding of the damage mechanisms of these compounds under irradiation, and to identify irradiation sensitivity criteria in order to ultimately optimize the chemical and mineralogical composition of the materials.


Institut rayonnement et matière de Saclay
Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés
Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés
Ecole Polytechnique
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