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Study and optimization of a shock wave induced by a pulsed electrical generator


The thesis subject is to develop a technique to simulate the blast wave of an explosion on reduced-scale models. This thesis is part of the EOLE project : the injection of an intense pulsed current in a thin wire causes it to explode and generates a blast wave which propagates in ambient air, and then interacts with a model under test. The feasibility of this technique was demonstrated in 2021 at CEA/Gramat by developing a compact intense pulsed current generator (400 kA – 400 ns) as well as an exploded wire configuration making it possible to generate a spherical explosion with an energy of around 5 kJ.

The first results demonstrated efficient energy injection, good homogeneity and sphericity of the shock wavefront. Optimizations are needed to integrate the test models. Many diagnostics (electrical sensors, laser shadowgraphy, pressure sensors, etc.) will have to be implemented or improved to allow these optimizations. Analyzes, modeling and numerical simulations will also have to be carried out to define and optimize the experimental configurations as well as to study their adjustment possibilities and to evaluate the uncertainties of the characteristic quantities (energy deposited, speed and pressure of the wavefront, etc.).


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