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Taylor bubbles: experiments and modeling

Engineering sciences Instrumentation Thermal energy, combustion, flows


This doctoral position focuses on the microscale phenomena that occur in the near-wall region at bubble motion in a capillary tube (also known as Taylor bubble). These are elongated bubbles of vapor having bullet-like shapes that are formed in compact heat exchangers used in a variety of industrial applications such as cooling of electronics and steam generators in nuclear reactors, for instance. The phenomena associated include dewetting dynamics, formation of micrometric thick liquid layers and heat transfer. The PhD candidate will conduct an experimental study at STMF/CEA and SPEC/CEA (Paris-Saclay, France) using advanced non-intrusive optical diagnostics to evaluate these phenomena, in particular the film profile. The student will use the experimental data to validate a numerical approach in the open-source software OpenFOAM that will be developed in partnership with the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom).


Département de Modélisation des Systèmes et Structures
Service de Thermohydraulique et de Mécanique des Fluides
Laboratoire d’Instrumentation et Expérimentation en mécanique des Fluides et Thermohydraulique
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