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Towards trustworthy business process management with blockchain

Artificial intelligence & Data intelligence Computer science and software Engineering sciences Technological challenges


Blockchain and distributed ledgers are promising technologies for managing inter-organizational business processes, particularly among participants who do not trust each other. Operating in a decentralized and distributed manner, they eliminate the need for a central authority, enabling secure and efficient interactions.

The deployment of blockchain-based architectures relies on specific components such as smart contracts, as well as external services like cloud-based data storage and web services called through oracles. This ecosystem requires deep expertise to define and implement needs related to trust and traceability.

The objective of this thesis is to develop a tool to aid in designing trustworthy business process management applications. A no-code/low-code approach will enable the specification and generation of the corresponding blockchain-based architecture. The use of large language models (LLMs) to support model-based engineering will be considered. The generated architectures will aim to leverage blockchain in a frugal manner, thus minimizing overall energy consumption. Additionally, the reliability of the generated smart contracts will be ensured through formal verification approaches.


Département Ingénierie Logiciels et Systèmes (LIST)
Lab.systèmes d’information de confiance, intelligents et auto-organisants
IP. Paris
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