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Trusted imager: integrated security based on physically unclonable functions

Cyber security : hardware and sofware Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences Technological challenges


Images, and therefore the sensors that generate them, must respond to the challenges posed by their illicit use, either to divert their content through deep fakes, or for unauthorized access. The concept of trusted imagers responds to the need to ensure the security, authentication or encryption of images as soon as they are acquired.
Based on our first developments, the thesis will consist of searching for innovative solutions to integrate security functions into imagers. Faced with the challenges of robustness and compact integrability, the thesis aims to explore the use of physically non-clonable functions within an image sensor.
After improving the required skills, based in particular on a bibliographical study, and depending on the candidate's interests, the work will consist of:
- Develop compact circuit models in Python to identify and test physically non-clonable functions,
- Validate the proposed physically non-clonable function structures and their associated encryptions
- Analyze their robustness
- Design and simulate integrated circuits corresponding to these functions
With the objective of creating an integrated circuit, the work will take place, within CEA-Léti, with integrated circuit design and software development tools.


Département d’Optronique (LETI)
Service d’Innovation et Systèmes Photoniques
Laboratoire conception de Circuits Intégrés Intelligents pour l’image
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