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D’un jour à plusieurs semaines, nos formations permettent une montée en compétence dans votre emploi ou accompagnent vers le retour à l’emploi. 
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Fort de plus de 60 ans d’expériences, l’INSTN accompagne les entreprises et organismes à différents stades de leurs projets de développement du capital humain.
Formation continue
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How to build winning Horizon Europe proposals

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The Horizon Europe program (2021-2027) is a key initiative of the European Commission for funding Research, Development and Innovation. Built to increase the impact and competitiveness of Research in Europe, it is very ambitious and demanding.

Thus, CEA proposes a 2-day online training course delivered in English to help researchers and engineers from teaching and research organizations build projects and application forms of optimal quality.

A qui s’adresse cette formation ?

This training course is dedicated to researchers and engineers from teaching and research organizations

Compétences visées

Best practices and tools will be shared to catalyze the building of projects and applications of optimal quality for Horizon Europe, namely:

  • Understanding the political and operational ecosystem of Horizon Europe
  • Knowing the eligibility and evaluation rules in Horizon Europe
  • Knowing (how to exploit) resources and tools for Horizon Europe
  • Knowing how to gather partners and collaborate while preserving one’s own interests
  • Being able to describe (in a collaborative manner) the different components of a project, in particular the resources to be committed by each partner, the work plan, governance, synergies and impacts of the project
  • Being able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a Horizon Europe project and knowing how to increase its chances of success.
  • General introduction to and structuring of Horizon Europe, its ecosystem, formalism, tools, rules and criteria
  • Expectations regarding gender balance, open science, data management/data sharing, artificial intelligence, ethics and security
  • Components of a Horizon Europe proposal (abstract, impacts, consortium, budget...) and how to optimize them
  • Computer or equivalent device
  • A microphone, a webcam
  • Internet access
  • Professional English


Méthodes et outils pédagogiques

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Contact administratif :

Marie-Pia SEYS

Contact pédagogique :

+33 1 69 08 14 85

Sessions de formation

Groupe limité à 15 Personnes

Si vous êtes en situation de handicap, veuillez contacter le référent handicap, afin de vérifier les possibilités de mise en oeuvre de l'action de formation, à l'adresse suivante : instn-handicap@cea.fr

Lieu Session
Du 25 avril 2024
Au 26 avril 2024
Distanciel 995,00€ HT S'INSCRIRE

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