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AMETIS 2020, first international school for the IMPACT chair

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The International chair 'Innovative Materials and Processes Accelerated through Computing Technologies' (IMPACT) is organizing its first international school AMETIS (Advanced Manufacturing for Energy and Transportation International School) from June 28 to July 3, 2020.

It will cover theoretical and technological concepts in materials processes related to 3D printing, nanofabrication and the latest generations of thin film deposition processes in the vapour phase. This highly technological school is intended for PhD students, researcher-teachers and industrialists who wish improve their skills in the development of high-performance materials for the low-carbon energy and transport industries.

The IMPACT chair, partly financed by INSTN Foundation, aims to develop a programme of excellence in teaching and research on materials within INSTN and CEA laboratories, by promoting exchanges and synergies with academic and industrial partners. The objective of this chair is to shorten the development times of emerging processes and to discover new high-performance materials more quickly and at a lower cost, thanks to the positive impact of digital technologies.

Further information on the website: http://www.materials-impact-chair.org

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