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Nuclear fuel cycle

Nuclear fuel cycle

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In summary

Widespread vision of nuclear fuel cycle in France.

Recycling and uranium enrichment in industry.

Who should take this course ?

Technicians, scientists and engineers working in nuclear sciences and industry and wishing to have advanced knowledge in the field of nuclear fuel cycle.

Learning outcomes

From the extraction of the uranium ore to the reprocessing of spent fuel, as well as on the management of waste produced during the different stages of the fuel cycle, the trainees will be able to integrate and restitute at different degrees of implementation comprehensive information and in-depth knowledge on the industrial operations related to the nuclear fuel cycle in France.

Visits of facilities, plants and storage sites.

- The nuclear fuel cycle: an overview.
- Geology of uranium: exploration, mining and resources.
- From uranium ore to yellow cake: the concentration stage.
- From uranium ore concentrates to uranium hexafluoride UF6.
- Uranium enrichment: overview.
- Boiler/Fuel: the constraints.
- Fuel assembly: general design.
- Recycling industry: Mixed oxide fuel (Mox).
- Fuel rod and assembly: thermal-mechanical design.
- Fuel services.
- Uranium enrichment by gaseous diffusion and ultracentrifugation processes.
- Options for spent fuel management.
- French experience with interim storage technologies.
- Transport of nuclear fuel cycle materials.
- Fuel cycle front-end: technical and economical aspects.
- Reprocessed uranium recycling.
- Reprocessing operations and technology.
- Inventory of fuel cycle wastes and long term waste management.
- R&D in the field of the long-lived nuclear waste management: advanced separation, transmutation and long-term interim storage.

To work in nuclear sciences and industry field.

Teaching method and tools

On-site visit


INSTN Saclay

Course organiser :

Marie-Pia SEYS
+33 1 69088020

Program organiser :


training sessions

Group limited to 20 trainees

If you are disabled, please contact the disability correspondent at the following address: instn-handicap@cea.fr

No training session is scheduled for the moment, if this training interests you, please contact us.

From 2022 october 03
To 2022 october 14
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