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Master 2 - Plasmas, Lasers, accelerators, tokamaks - large facilities

Entrance dregree: Bac + 4
Pathways: Academic FormationContinuing professionnal development
Diploma issuer: Université Paris-Saclay
Mention : Physique


The master program provides high level teaching in fondamental and applied physics for large scale research facilities, such as particle accelerators for particle physics or synchrotrons and free electron lasers at short wavelengths but also high power laser physics with related laser plasma interactions and tokamaks for magnetic confinement fusion.

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This multidisciplinary program, bridging engineering and research, can fit student engineers intending to move towards research and university students open to engineering jobs. This cross-training program will offer the students opportunities to integrate either a public research institution (after a PhD) or a leading-edge research and development group in a private company. 2/3 of the students are conducting a thesis and one third is moving towards an engineer-type job, with the aim of being a project manager within companies or partner research bodies.

Employability rate


at 6 months on average for the past 5 years

Entrance requirement

M1 in physics or engineering awarded or second engineering school year passed.
The student must be motivated for lab research of an academic type or in a company R&D center.
Statistical physics, atomic physics or electromagnetism skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the information collected from a variety of sources, in a critical spirit.
  • Rigorously organise data and analytical, digital and experimental methods.
  • Commit on an autonomous basis to a complexity modeling and understanding approach.
  • Coordinate team-based actions.
  • Adapt to a work environment in its technological, digital and partnering aspects.
  • Communicate in an international environment, particularly in idiomatic English.

Training description

The proposed M2 breaks down into 39 ECTS of classes/lab work/tutorials (about 400 h) and 21 internship ECTS. The education program starts with a long core curriculum of 24 ECTS, assembling course units (CU) for the related physics: electromagnetism and relativity, plasmas, tokamaks, accelerators and power lasers. This is combined with classes on technological and cross-business themes: organisation of large-scale facilities, digital techniques and simulations, common technologies, measuring, signals and relations with large-scale facilities. Lastly, a significant body of lab work is carried out in the large-scale facilities of the Saclay open space, with immersion for more than 80 hours in research teams.

As in the “Fusion sciences” M2, which is organised along the same lines, the education program lasts from mid-February to mid-March, with major research bodies:

  • magnetic fusion option, at Cadarache: education programs shared with Aix-Marseille University, École Centrale de Marseille, University of Lorraine, also attended by non-French students following the Erasmus Mundus Fusion-EP course
  • laser and plasma option, in Bordeaux: education programs shared with Bordeaux University;
  • accelerator option, in Geneva: education programs shared with universities throughout Europe as part of the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS).

In addition to this outsourced education program, the GI-PLATO M2 organises a study trip at the start of the university year, with visits and conferences within major research infrastructures nationwide. Student transportation and accommodation is taken care of by the fusion and hot plasma science Training Federation, to whose budget the partner establishments are contributors.

    Learning methods and facilities

    Lab work in research laboratories on the Saclay open space + Remote digital simulation (INSTN’s SiNuDi platform) + lab work on research facility sites at Cadarache, Bordeaux, Geneva, together with a study trip

    Success rate

    (over the past 5 years)


    Evaluation modality

    Written exam for each CU (course unit) + paired homework, depending on the teacher.

    Registration pathway

    Admission subject to application, according to the terms and conditions of the Paris-Saclay University master’s degree in Physics


    Partenaires académiques

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    Educational contact

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