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DEM’N’MELT Process : Optimisation of operating conditions by modelling

Engineering sciences Materials and applications Mechanics, energetics, process engineering


Within the framework of the PROVIDENCE project (Plan Relance, France), the DEM'N'MELT process was developed with the aim of marketing a solution for the treatment and conditioning of high and medium level waste to sites operators undergoing dismantling or remediation, in France and abroad. In this context, studies have been undertaken to optimise the operating conditions of the process.
The candidate will have to take in charge the software used in our Laboratory (Fluent, Workbench, SpaceClaim, Meshing), to appropriate the existing models. These models will have to evolve to :
o take into account additional measurements to calibrate the model
o study the sensitivity of the system to the physical properties of the glass
o optimise furnace operation and manage the feed capacity according to the filling level
o add agitation to the glass bath.

The candidate will be able to rely on the skills of the LDPV Laboratory, both experimentally and in modelling.


Département de recherche sur les technologies pour l’enrichissement, le démantèlement et les déchets
Service d’études de vitrification et procédés hautes températures
Laboratoire de développement des procédés de vitrification
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