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Design of a photonic Doppler velocimetry diagnostic in the mid-infrared for high velocities

Engineering sciences Instrumentation Optics - Laser optics - Applied optics


This post-doctorate aims to design, using innovative technological éléments, a photonic Doppler velocimetry diagnostic operating in the mid-infrared (between 3 µm and 5 µm) to probe clouds of dense particles moving at high speeds (up to 5000 m/s), in shock physics. Schematically, two laser waves slightly offset in frequency are caused to interfere on a photodetector connected to a digitizer, one serves as a reference and the other carries the speed information of the targeted object, by Doppler effect. The development of new optical components and advanced technologies in this range of wavelengths is currently in full swing, for applications in Defense, gas detection, etc... In a first design phase, the candidate will therefore have to identify and choose the most relevant photonic components for our needs. To do this, he or she will have to optimize the overall performance of the measurement chain, using commercial simulation tools or tools developed at CEA-DAM. In a second step, he (she) will constitute the measurement chain with the selected optical elements. He (she) may also be required to participate in the design and manufacture of precision mechanical elements to ensure the interface between the elements. Depending on the state of progress, the system thus designed may be deployed on dedicated experiments. This work may lead to publications.


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