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Design of integrated photonics modules

Electromagnetism - Electrical engineering Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences


Design of next generation optoelectronic transceivers (particularly on-board modules) requires the merging of two advanced technologies: Silicon Photonics and 3D Silicon Packaging, both being developed at Leti.
In order to meet the requirements in term of technical specifications, cost and density, it is needed to achieve a codesign involving mechanical, thermal, optical and mainly RF aspects.
The aim of the work consists in designing such integrated modules by optimizing the RF interconnections of the module (internal and external), and the proper setup of the integrated circuits (ASICs). Modelling of several architectures will be led under HFSS and ADS softwares.
Finally, the integration of the module into its system environnement will be taken in charge, so as its characterization (involving testboard and testbench design).


Département d’Optronique (LETI)
Services des Composants Photoniques (SCOOP)
Laboratoire des Coposants Photonique sur CMOS (LCPC)
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