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Development of a Metal Supported Cell for Hydrogen production by High Temperature Steam Electrolysis

Engineering sciences Materials and applications Mathematics - Numerical analysis - Simulation


The development of Metal Supported Cells (MSC) for High Temperature Steam Electrolysis (HTSE) constitutes an interesting innovation able to reduce the degradation of this component under operation. An increase in the cell life time would be a valuable contribution to cost reduction and is able at positioning HTSE as an alternative process to other hydrogen production technologies. However, some progresses in the elaboration of MSCs are still required. Within the current process, functional ceramic layers of the MSC are joined to the metallic substrate at elevated temperature (> 1000 °C). Mismatch of the mechanical properties of the materials as well as the reducing conditions fixed by the metal substrate during sintering lead to MSCs having insufficient electrochemical performances. The post-doctorate aims, on the one hand, at obtaining a better understanding of the mechanisms that occur in the multilayer structure during sintering and, on the other hand, at proposing and testing technological solutions able to improve to reliability of MSC elaboration.


Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)
Laboratoire Procédés et composants pour l’Energie
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