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Development of a solid electrolyte to optimise lithium microbatteries

Engineering sciences Materials and applications


All-solid-state microbatteries are developing for nomad applications (RFID, autonomous sensors…). Their main advantages are due to the electrolyte, a thin film inorganic material allowing a very good cyclability (>10000 cycles), long life, good thermal resistivity and excellent safety. These thin film microbatteries have to response to a challenge of integration: decreasing of size but increasing of performances.
The goal of this post-doc is to develop the electrolyte performances. The first part will focus on the optimisation of the actual electrolyte and the second part on the development of a new electrolyte material. The electrolyte deposition will be done by Physical Vapor Deposition.
Le position is in the CEA/LITEN/DTNM/LCMS for a common laboratory CEA/ST Microelectronics.


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