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Development of an hermetic thin flim packaging for RF MEMS switches

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences


Leti has developed for many years a RF MEMS switch process which have demonstrated RF performances at the state-of-the-art as well as a process maturity level closed to industrial standards. To finalize its component and especially to ensure long-terms reliability level for space applications, Leti is today developing an innovative hermetic thin film packaging process.
The applicant will join a project team working on the development of this new technological brick. In a first step, the applicant will be in charge of the design of the process test vehicles, of the follow-up of their silicon batches fabrication in clean room and of their characterization during the process. In a second step, the applicant will perform a modeling study to optimize the design of the switches integrating this new packaging. In particular, he will propose new designs for mid RF power applications. Finally, the applicant will be in charge of the follow-up of the realization of silicon batches for the RF MEMS switches demonstrators. He will then supervise and participate to all the characterization studies on packaged components.


Département Composants Silicium (LETI)
Service Intégrations et Technologies pour les conversions d'énergies
Laboratoire des Composants pour la RF et l'Energie
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