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Development of methods for U quantification in cells after exposure to uranium

Analytic chemistry Chemistry Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences


This project fits into the transverse Toxicology Program, led by CEA, whose purpose is to address by multidisciplinary approaches, the potential effects on living organisms of elements of strategic interest to the CEA. The objective is to provide some understanding on the mechanisms of uranium toxicity and behavior, in connection with its speciation in cells. Indeed, the radionuclides speciation governs their bioavailability, accumulation, biodistribution, toxicity, detoxification mechanisms and their interaction at the molecular level.
The post-doctoral project (12 months) consists in:
- Developing methods to quantify U accumulated in the cells as well as endogenous content of trace elements after exposure of cells to uranium.
- Developing methods to determine the precise isotopic composition of U in the cells after their exposure.
The candidate will be in charge of developing chemical purification and measurement methods for precise elemental and isotopic analyses. The analyses will be performed using inductively coupled plasma quadrupole mass spectrometer (ICP- MS Q) or inductively coupled plasma multi- collection mass spectrometer of the latest generation (ICP- MS MC), to achieve the lowest level of uncertainties.


Département de Physico-Chimie
Service d’Etudes Analytiques et de Réactivité des Surfaces
Laboratoire de développement Analytique Nucléaires, Isotopique et Elémentaire
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