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Development of optoelectronic systems for quantum sensor technologies

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences Optics - Laser optics - Applied optics


The main mission of CEA LETI's Autonomy and Sensor Integration Laboratory (LAIC) is to develop sensor systems, and in particular quantum sensors for high-precision magnetic field measurement applications. The team's activities are at the interface of hardware (electronics, optronics, semiconductors), software (artificial intelligence, signal processing) and systems (electronic architecture, mechatronics, multiphysics modeling). The Swarm project (https://swarm.cnes.fr/en/), which put our quantum sensors for measuring the Earth's magnetic field into orbit in 2013, is one of our track records, and a new program with similar objectives gets underway this year.

Quantum technologies are strategic for the development of sensors with unrivalled performances, as we have demonstrated in magnetometry. Our challenge today is to adapt these developments and this know-how to new physics.
To support our developments in quantum sensors, we are looking for an opto-electronics post-doc researcher to design new quantum sensors and develop the associated optical benches. This post-doc position will have a significant experimental component.

Your main mission will be to participate to the development of these new sensors and their associated characterization benches, interfacing with CEA experts in the field.
More specifically, your mission will revolve around the following actions:
• Design and assembly of quantum sensors (optical fibers, RF sources, photodetectors)
• Participation in modeling the physical phenomena involved
• Design and build the optical characterization benches
• Development of the control electronics
• Publication of results in scientific journals
• Presentation of work in international conferences
• Patents proposal


Département Systèmes (LETI)
Service Systèmes de Capteurs, électroniques pour l’Energie
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