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Developpment of a control quality method for radiotherapy treatments based on dosimetric gels

Engineering sciences Metrology Miscellaneous Various


In the field of dosimetry for radiotherapy, chemical dosimetry, and in particular gel dosimeters, are good candidates for dose distribution measurements for the quality control of treatment plans. Actually, these gels are radiosensitive and, thus, enable measurements of the dose in 3 dimensions when read by adapted imaging methods.

This post-doctoral project deals with the development of gel dosimetry methods, using two types of reading devices: Optical tomography and Magnetic Reading Imaging. For gel-MRI dosimetry, the aim will be to adapt and validate the method used at LNHB (Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel) for quality control applications for MR-guided-radiotherapy devices. For this purpose, specific phantoms will have to be designed and produced using 3D printing. The reading method will also have to be optimized and transposed on partnering hospital devices.

Concerning the gel-optical CT dosimetry method, the whole method will have to be developed. This involves an adaptation of the composition for the gel, a characterization of the reading device and a validation of the method established.


Département Métrologie Instrumentation et Information (LIST)
Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (LIST)
Laboratoire de Métrologie de la Dose
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