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Droplets motion through modulation of surface energy gradient

Engineering sciences Materials and applications Thermal energy, combustion, flows


Droplet motion through electro-wetting is nowadays largely studied and used in several systems and applications. In order to be useful, this technique needs an electrical field to monitor the droplet. For this post-doctoral fellowship, the main objective is to define an alternative method to the using of the electro-wetting technique in order to generate a droplet motion. The elaboration of surfaces with energy gradients conceived by thin film deposition or by laser ablation will be realized inside this study. The main difficulty is related to the patterns realization in order to obtain the appropriate hydrophilic/hydrophobic resolution. Apart from these “classical” techniques, an innovative method will be studied here by using switchable molecules. These molecules could modify the contact angle between a surface and a droplet, when acting on the potential of hydrogen (pH) or the wall temperature. For all the defined surfaces, the post-doctoral fellow will also analyze the coupling effect between the surface energy gradient and a thermal energy gradient on the droplet motion dynamics.


Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)
Composants pour la Conversion de l’Energie
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