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Dual layer transfer of piezoelectric films for advanced RF devices

Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences Materials and applications


The aim of these workds is to study and develop an innovating concept of piezoelectric thin films multilayer transfer for RF applications.The applicant will be responsible for the development of the entire fabrication sequence of these multilayer structures and of the 3D RF components. To this end, he or she must master the physical mechanisms involved in the film transfer technology and design the complete architecture through simulation of the expected RF filters properties. Once the structure is defined and the technology backbone is mastered, the candidate will collaborate with Leti technology experts to identify the necessary process developments. He or she will then ensure their implementation in the fabrication technology platform and support the achievement of the most critical steps.
The development of this fabrication sequence will allow the generation of substrates whose features meet device specifications. The functionality of the substrates will then be demonstrated through the fabrication and characterization of RF devices that are relevant to the target applications.


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