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Electrochemical device for purifying hydrogen in a reformed gas

Engineering sciences Materials and applications Thermal energy, combustion, flows


This project aims to establish a new research and development on purification devices for fuel reformers for hydrogen fuel cells. This work is of prime importance for fuel cell systems fed by different sources of hydrogen. Used in "power full" or "range extender" modes, the reformer and gas purification system are elements of the chain that have to be optimized.
Objective is to develop an electrochemical device for purifying the gas from a reformer whose basic principle is similar to that of a PEM electrolyzer. The gases from the reformer undergo a selective electrocatalytic oxidation to separate hydrogen and conventional pollutants directly power a fuel cell.
The project will focus on selection and characterization of catalysts electrocatalytic performance and the achievement of functional prototypes. These developments will assess the economic relevance of the device vis-à-vis other systems and identify areas of research to develop thereafter.


Département de l’Electricité et de l’Hydrogène pour les Transports (LITEN)
Service Composants pour générateurs électrochimiques
Laboratoire des Composants Piles à combustible, Electrolyseurs et Modélisation
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