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Gas sensors based on diamond nanoparticles and nanoporous materials

Analytic chemistry Condensed matter physics, chemistry & nanosciences


The aim is to develop surface acoustic wave sensors (SAW) with high sensitivity and high selectivity to gaseous compounds (< 100 ppb). The development strategy involves the use of diamond nanoparticles based guiding layers deposited on the piezoelectric substrate and chemically modified to tune the specificity of the sensors. In order to increase further the selectivity, the sensors will be coupled to specific filters placed before the sensors and based on probe molecules trapped in porous sol-gel based materials and able to react non-reversibly with interferent molecules. The topic includes 4 mains sections: 1) synthesis and functionalisation of diamond nanoparticles, 2) study of probe molecules and immobilisation in porous matrices, 3) study of the filtering capacity of the filters toward relevant interferent species, 4) metrology and calibration of the sensors. This work will be carried out in the "Diamond Sensors Laboratory" as well as laboratoire Francis Perrin both located in CEA Saclay.


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