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Integrated antenna arrays for 60 GHz high-data rate communications

Electromagnetism - Electrical engineering Electronics and microelectronics - Optoelectronics Engineering sciences


This post-doctoral offer is in support of our work program on the design of millimetre-wave antennas for high data rate communication systems in the 57-66 GHz frequency band. The realization of smart devices in this frequency band with a high level of integration and a low cost is a challenge accessible today thanks to the recent microelectronic technologies as well as other silicon technologies such as assembly, packaging or micromachining. Some applications in the consumer electronics domain are clearly identified and expected to result in product in a very short term.
After a series of project completed these last years on the design of single antennas built and validated on different technologies, such as silicon or ceramic, the future projects will focus on the demonstration of antenna arrays with electronic beamsteering for long range applications. Several demonstrators will be realized in collaboration with our partners developing the integrated circuits and fabrication/assembly technologies in order to obtain a fully functional system.


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