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Kinetic study of biocide effect in nanocellulose_based food film

Engineering sciences Life Sciences Materials and applications Toxicology


This project will study the kinetic of biocide effect of a nanocellulose-based film food. The main aim is to graft Ag and/or ZnO NPs on and inside halloysite particles that have a characteristic shape of twisted sheets and therefore could acting as NPs tanks. The localization of NPs outside halloysite could induce a fast biocide effect with limited duration whereas the internal grafting could produce longer biocide effect. This project gathers all steps from the film food synthesis, its nanocharacterization to the evaluation of its toxicological effect on bacteria. The final goal is to find one or many halloysite functionalizations allowing to extend the biocide effect in film food and to transpose it to other types of materials.


Département des Technologies des NanoMatériaux (LITEN)
Service Elaboration des Nanomatériaux
Laboratoire de Nanocaractérisation et Nanosécurité
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