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Modelling of valley winds by statistical downscaling

Earth and environmental sciences Environment and pollution


To model and monitor atmospheric emissions in an area with significant relief, it is essential to represent the winds at the scale of this relief. Cadarache's operational meteorological model only has a horizontal resolution of 1km, which does not allow it to resolve the orographic effects of the valley.
However, obtaining simulation results with a high resolution model requires calculation times that are still incompatible with the constraints of operational weather forecasting (6 hours of calculation on our servers for 1 hour of forecast for Cadarache in 2020). This constrains the horizontal resolution of the calculations and does not make it possible to resolve the orographic valley effects.
The object of the post-doc is therefore to develop a downscaling model applied to a 3D mesh of the valley, with a sufficient resolution to, at the same time, model the aerology of the valley and follow a pollution plume using an atmospheric dispersion model. It will be implemented through the use of an artificial neural network, the learning of which will be based on measurements of local climatology and aerology, supplemented by synthetic data using a local high-resolution model.
The candidate will work within a small, attentive and benevolent CEA team while remaining connected to university research via the Toulouse Aerology Laboratory. He will be able to both become a specialist in applied research in the meteorological field and acquire digital and scientific skills that can be used in business.


Département de Technologie Nucléaire
Service Mesures et modélisation des Transferts et des Accidents graves
Laboratoire de Modélisation des Transferts dans l’Environnement
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